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Known as America's SuperPsychic and the Psychics' Psychic, Wendy has been praised as one of the world's greatest psychics and mediums. She's been seen, heard or read about in more than 100 countries. She is honored in The 100 Top Psychics in America. She is co-founder of Professional Psychics of America and is author of The Naked Quack: Exposing The Many Ways Phony Psychics and Mediums Cheat You!

America's most gifted psychic and medium, Wendy answers your questions about people and issues in your life (including medical and legal problems), looks years into your future and helps you communicate with loved ones who've passed on for information and closure.

Notable Recognitions

• America's only Psychic to expose methods used by Charlatans and to demand the licensing of professionals.

• Featured on Oprah, 48 Hours, CNN, Geraldo, Fox, Lifetime, Dr. Judy, CNBC, MCTV, KDKA, Japan's Nippas TV and more.

• Star of America's most celebrated psychic TV show. Advisor to Harvard, Geraldo and ABC News' 20/20.

• Praised by Time Magazine, Harper's, Forbes, Lifestyles, Cosmopolitan, The N.Y. Times, Crain's, Omni, Brutus (Japan), TASS (Russia), Sunday's World (Germany) and other international media.

Accurately predicts front page, cover story events concerning world affairs, world leaders, celebrities, social trends and the exact timing of major Wall Street moves. And presents them globally via CNN and Cindy Adams in The N.Y. Post.

A consultation in person or by phone is 90 minutes in total-30 minutes without you, an hour with you-and is $700.

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Before you consult any psychic,
The Naked Quack!

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Testimonials & Reviews

"The best I've met since working with Edgar Cayce."
Dr. Audrey Kargere - Co-Founder of Spiritual Frontiers with Edgar Cayce

"She's one of the world's most powerful psychics."
Predictions Magazine

"America's #1 psychic!"
CHUM Network, Canada

"One of the most accurate in the world! A Master of Masters! Greater than great! She's the equivalent of a Tibetan Oracle!"
Dr. Mohan Singh - Associate of Dalai Lama

"She's challenging the scientists to take a closer look."
Oprah Winfrey

"A big-time psychic."

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