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Samples of Readings

"People just don't believe me when I tell them this story but it's the absolute truth. My friend Laura went to Wendy for a reading and Wendy described me to her and said I had a growth in the uterus that had to be removed. Laura warned me about it, so I went to the doctor and sure enough, I had cancer of the cervix uteri. It's amazing that Wendy can give accurate readings to people she's never met before but she gave a Psychic X-Ray to someone she never heard of, who wasn't there at all!"
Jane W, Boutique Owner

"You told me you received a message for me from my daughter who passed away recently, before I even came through your door. She requested me not to throw out her white shag rug and stereo set and to leave her room the way it was. I never told you anything about her or her room, I'd never even met you before, and the question I came to ask you was what to do about the white shag rug and stereo."
Kay B, Homemaker

"I thought you were out of your mind when you told me not to check my luggage on the plane when I flew from New York to Mexico but to carry it on board with me. But I did it anyway. When the plane landed in Mexico, there was an announcement that 80 pieces of luggage had been left behind."
Pamela R, Advertising Executive

"I guess I came to you out of desperation because one of my horses was very sick and the vets at the animal hospital said he was going to die within 48 hours. You told me what was wrong with him physically and emotionally and how to take care of him. I did what you said and the horse improved immediately and continued to live. The vets said it was a miracle."
Lori C, Horse Breeder

"I told Wendy I was having trouble finding a job, so I didn't believe her when she predicted I'd get a new job without looking for it -- that it would come to me, in about four months. She said it would be with an international company, the pay would be $200 more per week, the office would have many cubicles and a melon decor. And I definitely didn't believe her when she said I'd give my boss only two days' notice. But believe it or not, Wendy was right again! Four months later, a headhunter called me about a job with XX International for $200 more per week! I had to give my boss two days' notice. And the office? Many cubicles and a melon decor!"
Amanda G, Marketing Executive

"You're unbelievable! Before I even walk in the door, you write down specific things about me you couldn't possibly know beforehand. How many times can a person say WOW? You make my hair stand on end!"
Harold M, Psychiatrist